Elliott Stone

Interview with Elliott Stone of MDTax @ QuickBooks Connect Conference, Toronto, December 2017:

“Hi my name’s Elliott Stone from MDTax.  We service about 200 physicians in Ontario with their tax and accounting needs.  We basically help them through from the initial incorporation.  For physicians, we help them with their self-employed tax return and if they are residents or fellows we help them with their personal tax returns.  Whatever stage you’re at in your career, we can help you out with tax and accounting and business advice that you need. If you’re a more sophisticated client, you might be preparing your personal taxes on your own, so you might just need us if you’re deciding to incorporate, if it’s the right decision, and we’ll help you with that process.  If you’re a client that doesn’t have an accountant right now, or isn’t as sophisticated, then you probably want to get an accountant to help you with your annual personal tax filings. Whether you’re a resident or fellow, or a self-employed physician, we can give you the advice and expertise that you need to save as much tax as possible and do things the right way. Our practice is focused on physicians, so we have an expertise in that area.  If you’re on our website MDTax.ca, you’ll see a lot of great content.  We’re also very transparent about our services fees so if you’re on our site, you’ll see there’s a pricing page, and we have all the packages laid out depending on what stage you are in your career.  And our packages include preparing your tax returns, as well as communication via telephone or email and also any correspondence that comes from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  We try to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible for everyone.”


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