Lisa Zamparo

Interview with Lisa Zamparo of @ QuickBooks Connect Conference, Toronto, December 2017:

“Hi, I’m Lisa Zamparo, from  I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and I just founded a company last year called the Wellth Company.  It’s spelled W-E-L-L-T-H, and that really shows that my take on wealth is that it’s not just about money, it’s about wellness in all aspects of your life – physically, financially and emotionally. I bring that spirit, or feeling, to all of the work that I do with my clients. What kind of value do I bring as an accountant?  For me, what’s most exciting is helping people feel more confident when dealing with their money.  And I know for a lot of small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers, that dealing with the financial side, or the finances of their business, can be overwhelming or make them feel insecure.  And that’s what I see my role is – almost like a money confidence coach – I have the training and I speak the language of finances, and I can help people learn to speak that language for themself, and give them more confidence when they are making financial decisions for their business, or talking with their accountant.”