Vicki Curtis

Interview with Vicki Curtis of Curtis-Villar and Digitfy Inc. @ QuickBooks Connect Conference, Toronto, December 2017:

“My name’s Vicki Curtis, I’m here at QB Connect representing Curtis-Villar.  We are a traditional form of an accounting firm.  We do full service.  One of the areas over the years where we have found we provide a lot of expertise and a lot of assistance, and our clients really appreciate us, is in the form of trades. So plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc., they come to us.  What we find is a lot of times when these clients come, they don’t have a filing system in place.  It’s more often than not, on the floor of their truck, or stashed away in a folder somewhere, and they don’t know where they last left it.  So one of the things that’s good for them when they come to us, is we collectively put that together, we set up a system for them. And whether is it working monthly, or annually (hopefully not annually, we try to at least get quarterly so that we can have better conversations) we put that together for you and give you an idea of where your cash flow is at today, and where you’re looking to go.  What we try to do is move the conversations away from the transactions and “do you have a bank account”, “do you have credit cards”, “are you keeping your receipts” to – here is your full package, here’s what your books look like right now, but we know you want to grow 3% in the next 3 years, so here’s what you need to do, in order to achieve that.  Whether you need to buy a new vehicle, hire an employee, or cut down on costs, to achieve these goals that you have in place. One of the things that is exciting for us, is we are about to launch a new company, it’s called Digitfy Inc., it will be completely cloud-based accounting.  And the reason for that is that if it is your bookkeeping, sometimes you don’t have time to come in and meet with us.  This way, we can get your documents electronically, we can still have the conversations, but maybe that’s a phone call, maybe that’s a Zoom meeting, maybe that is in the form of an email.  That way you can still be on site, you can still be doing what it is that you do best, which is run your business and we can do the rest.  And the idea with that too is now you have confidence that if the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does come in, we have all of your receipts, we’ve kept them in electronic form, so now it’s as simple as putting them together and sending them off.  It’s not you rushing around, “oh my goodness, which truck, did I sell that truck, did I throw it out, did I give it to my ex, did I put it in a file in storage that something happened to”.  In this sense, it’s all looked after for you, and you have the confidence, and you don’t have to lose sleep at night.”

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